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The FOSSi Foundation is the custodian of the Free and Open Source Silicon movement.

What is Free and Open Source Silicon?

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Open source is so much more than free of cost: it gives everybody, including you, the ability to shape the future of a project. Unlock the full benefits of open source today and become a contributor! Participate in discussions, report bugs, share your improvements, or even start a new free and open source silicon project!

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The FOSSi Foundation is here to enable everyone to collaborate, innovate, and enjoy the benefits of open source chip design. Get to know like-minded developers at conferences like ORConf. Read about what's happening in our world in our newsletter El Correo Libre. And reach out to us if you feel confused. We're here to help.

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Join us from Sept 15 to 17 2023 in Munich, Germany for a weekend full of interesting talks, eye-opening hallway discussions, and excitement around free and open source silicon.

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ORConf is back!

ORConf is back! We've returned with yet another open source chip design tour de force courtesy of the brilliant community, our first since the previous outing in Bordeaux in 2019. The years have been kind, it seems to us all; with much progress to be presented and discussed over the three days being hosted by the University of Applied Sciences in beautiful Munich.

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