ORConf 2024

Friday to Sunday September 13–15, 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden

The ORConf conference is a weekend of presentations and networking dedicated to free and open source silicon. It's an event for the open source silicon community, and is run by the FOSSi Foundation and its volunteers.

Our 10th ORConf!

The FOSSi Foundation is proud to announce the 10th installment of ORConf, a conference dedicated to free and open source silicon to be held over the weekend of Friday September 13 to Sunday September 15 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

ORConf is a weekend of presentations and networking for the open source silicon community. Browse through previous installments of ORConf here.

Registration is now open and available via Eventbrite.

Questions? Ping the organizers via email at orconf@fossi-foundation.org.

Venue | Schedule | Programme


Chat with fellow ORConf attendees in our Matrix chat room at #orconf2024:fossi-foundation.org. Any Matrix client works, or just use the Element web chat.

Submit a talk

Presentation submissions are made through the Eventbrite registration interface.

Please make your submissions as early as you can, as the presentation slots are likely to fill up at ORConf this year.

Code of conduct

We ask all ORConf participants to adhere to the the FOSSi Foundation code of conduct throughout the event.


A variety of sponsorship packages are available for this year's ORConf. You'll find all of the details in our sponsorship prospectus.

Please get in touch via email to explore the opportunities: orconf@fossi-foundation.org.


Gothenburg, Sweden.

Precise venue details TBD, but it will be relatively central to town.


The detailed schedule will be available once we have all of the presentation submissions.


Presentations from about mid-morning.


Presentations all day, conference event Saturday evening.


Presentations and workshops until midday/early afternoon.


Please submit your presentation proposals when registering via the Eventbrite page.


Please feel free to reach out to the event organizers via orconf@fossi-foundation.org at any point. Or send a message on the Matrix channel: #orconf2024:fossi-foundation.org.