11-12 April 2020 in Cambridge MA, USA, at MIT CSAIL

Stata center
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The FOSSi Foundation is proud to announce Latch-Up, a conference dedicated to free and open source silicon to be held over the weekend of April 11-12 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Latch-Up is a weekend of presentations and networking for the open source digital design community, much like its European sister conference ORConf.

So save the date, register to attend, and we encourage you to submit a presentation or proposal if you have a project or idea on the topic to share!

Questions? Ping the organizers via @LatchUpConf or email.

Previous Latch-Ups: 2019 Portland


Registration for Latch-Up 2020 is now open! Register here

We ask all Latch-Up participants to adhere to the the FOSSi Foundation code of conduct throughout the event.

Professional Tickets

Attendees who are joining us at Latch-Up on behalf of their company and/or can claim the conference as professional training expense are encouraged to purchase a professional ticket. These ticket sales help us provide all that we do at Latch-Up and keep the event accessible to all members of the community. Professional ticket holders are able to get their company name printed on their name badge.

The order system for professional tickets are not yet ready, but you can indicate your interest in a ticket when registering for the event. We hope to soon have this sorted out

Submit a talk

We encourage anybody involved in the open source semiconductor engineering space to come along and share your work or experience. Presentations slots as short as 3 minute lightning-talks and up to 30 minute talks including Q and A are available.

So if you've designed, worked on or even just used open source IP cores and/or management systems, verification IP, build flows, SoCs, simulators, synthesis tools, FPGA and ASIC implementation tools, languages and DSLs, compilers, or anything related we'd love to have you join us to share your experience.

Presentations are submitted through the registration form and we will let you know if your presentation was accepted.

Sponsorship and Volunteering at Latch-Up

Latch-Up is free to attend, but we aim to provide catering and the like during the event. Latch-Up is also a great way to get your company or brand in front of lots of engineers and hackers on the day, and thousands more through recordings of the event. So please get in touch if you'd like to explore sponsorship opportunities.

Latch-Up is organized by volunteers on behalf of the FOSSi Foundation. We are currently looking for more people to help out with arrangements and putting on the event, so please do email us if you would like to volunteer for during the event with setup, AV, or even just local knowledge so we can plan the weekend better.


We are pleased to announce that Latch-Up 2020 will be held at MIT CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) in the Stata Center. The venue's address is the Ray and Maria Stata Center at 32 Vassar St. Cambridge, MA

Directions from AoE start at Boston's Logan International airport. There is free WiFi at Logan so you can get online before you leave there if you need to. Note that there is also free WiFi at MIT but not too many other places in Boston and Cambridge. Charging your portable electronics is also pretty easy to do at the airport if you have either a standard US power supply adapter or a USB cable. There are many other amenities at the airport but if you are looking to eat a traditional American Colonial meal, like brownbread and Joe Froggers. or clam chowder, please do wait until you get down town.

You can take any form of transportation to Cambridge from the airport since there is the usual ride share and taxi options, but we strongly suggest public transportation.

Take the MBTA Silver Line since it is free from the airport and comes around approximately every 10 minutes. Indeed, the "next bus" arrival is posted on the MBTA amber text crawlers at the airport terminals as well as the MBTA-approved phone apps. There is only one Silver Line airport route (SL1) and when it comes by your terminal, take it.

The Silver Line route terminates at South Station which is where you want to transfer to the Alewife Red Line and ride it for 4 stops to Kendall / MIT. This will still be free of charge as long as you do not leave the system until you get to MIT. DYK? Technically the Silver Line is a a trackless trolley, which is a Boston anachronism . Don't take the Blue Line, that is a much less direct path. The MBTA only recognizes Charlie RFID Cards. The Mass Turnpike Authority recognizes most other state's FastPass transponders, which are used only on I-90 and the Tobin Bridge, which will likely not affect attendees. All rental cars have them as a standard.

If you want to exchange money you should do that at the airport. There are local Bitcoin ATMs.

Walking Directions from the Kendall / MIT T stop which is at 350 Main St. The Stata Center is on the corner of Main and Vassar right next to 401 Main street. So it is only a 5 minute walk north up Main street.

Patch-up at Latch-up

On Friday April 10, prior to the weekend of Latch-Up, we will hopefully host a hackfest where you can get some hands-on experience with FPGA development. More info will come soon

More about Latch-Up

Technically speaking, latch-up is a short circuit, an inadvertent path of low-impedance. We have co-opted this word to represent what we’d like to encourage among members of the community: paths of communication leading to collaboration, inadvertent or not.

Latch-Up 2020 in Cambridge (MA US) opens a new chapter for the FOSSi Foundation, with it being the second event in the spirit of ORConf held in North America. Latch-Up is a community-focused conference for open source semiconductor, digital design and embedded systems professionals and enthusiasts. Expect presentations on a wide range of topics; open source IP blocks and SoCs, open source simulators, compilers, synthesis and physical implementation tools for both FPGA and ASIC.

Latch-Up aims to bring together the North American open source digital design community for an event in the mould of ORConf - the FOSSi Foundation’s annual European community conference. Like ORConf, Latch-Up will be will be free to attend and consist of a relaxed format of presentations and discussions throughout a weekend, with plenty of time for networking. A dinner on the Saturday evening will be arranged and all attendees are invited to attend.

These events go to the FOSSi Foundation's goal of lowering barriers of entry to the digital design field, whilst encouraging the open source development model and promoting open collaboration.

We recognise the keen interest in this area in the Americas and this year are putting effort into organizing an event which will encourage wider awareness amongst enthusiasts of the projects that we’ve been hearing about at ORConf since 2012.

Don't forget to follow @LatchUpConf or email us/DM us if you have any questions.

Catch up at Latch-Up!

Headline Sponsor

western digital

We are pleased to announce Western Digital as the headline sponsor of Latch-Up.


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