Our projects


cocotb is the most widely-used Python-based hardware verification framework. The FOSSi Foundation ensures that the cocotb community can focus on improving cocotb by safeguarding cocotb assets (like domain names), handling finances, and helping out with maintaining cocotb.

El Correo Libre

El Correo Libre is a monthly newsletter bringing all the hot topics of the FOSSi ecosystem directly to your inbox.


Embench is a Modern Embedded Benchmark Suite. Dhrystone and Coremark have been the defacto standard microcontroller benchmark suites for the last thirty years, but these benchmarks no longer reflect the needs of modern embedded systems. Embench was explicitly designed to meet the requirements of modern connected embedded systems. The benchmarks are relevant, portable, and well implemented.


Finding a suitable license for contributions in the open source world can sometimes be tricky. The FOSSi Foundation is actively involved in helping users choose licenses which suit their needs. We realize, that for some scenarios existing licenses are not sufficient. We are working with lawyers to extend existing licenses, or to create new one as necessary.

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Keep your open source silicon project alive!

Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

The FOSSi Foundation regularly participates in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) as an umbrella organization. In this way we enable experienced community members to mentor mentees while the FOSSi Foundation takes care of the administrative parts of GSoC.

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Conferences and events

The FOSSi Foundation organizes several conferences and similar events every year as a way to bring developers and users together to meet and share their work. These events are of a varying size, but they all have in common that the focus is on meeting others interested in free and open source silicon on a relaxed atmosphere.