We search for LibreCores.org contributors and contractors

by Stefan Wallentowitz and Philipp Wagner on January 22, 2017

One of our main projects is LibreCores.org, a community portal for open source digital designs.

LibreCores.org is currently under development and needs constant improvement. We are always searching for developers that are interested to contribute to the development of LibreCores.org. From designing, to writing of documentation and code, to testing: there are opportunities to contribute from small to large, from novice to experienced programmer, writer or designer.

Right now we're especially looking for people who have experience with the design of web sites using the Symfony PHP framework, and associated frontend technolgies such as HTML and JavaScript.

If you are interested and want to contribute, please have a look at our contribution guide.

Job Offer We have funds allocated for the development and search for contractors for the aforementioned tasks. If you want to work for us instead of casually contributing (which can also complement each other) and share our values and goals, please get in touch at librecores@fossi-foundation.org.