Membership FAQ

How to become a member?

Members are proposed to the board of directors that decides about membership. Our policy currently is that we hand-pick members gradually in the circles of long-active community members. Only individuals can become members. If you would like to nominate yourself or another person please contact the board of directors.

What are the formal obligations of members?

Membership doesn’t come with a large set of formal obligations, except for one: members are expected to vote in the general meetings. This vote can happen in person, through online means or by proxy (i.e. you authorize someone else to vote for you).

What is a general meeting?

We hold one annual general meeting and there is the possibility that members call for further general meetings. The annual meeting is intended to give a regular overview of the activities and coordinate with the members. We typically hold the annual general meeting in conjunction with ORConf, and to provide electronic means to participate remotely.

What else is expected of members?

Continue to be valuable for the community! We see membership as a way to get active community members with different backgrounds together and kindly ask them for their valuable input, suggestions for our activities and act as ambassadors for the FOSSi Foundation and the advancement of free and open source hardware.

How can members get involved in Foundation work?

There’s always work to be done and helping hands are needed in many places. We encourage our members to participate in our committees. If you would like to carry more responsibility we invite you to join the board of directors.

What will happen after I become a member?

You will be added to our register of members. After that you are updated regularly with our activities and from time to time we run ideas by our members on a members-only mailing list.