About us

In brief

The FOSSi Foundation exists to promote and protect the open source silicon chip movement. It actively encourages the community’s growth and is helping to maintain the open spirit of the movement, through events, educational programmes and working groups. With an international membership of experts from academia and industry, it supports new open source initiatives and collaborations – offering free advice to governments and policy makers, corporations, academics and hobbyists. As a not-for profit organisation, the foundation is independent of any commercial interests and acts as a steward in support of open source projects which broadly benefit the open source silicon community. FOSSi is an acronym for Free and Open Source Silicon.

What we do

A lot! Learn more about it on the What we do page!

How we get work done

The FOSSi Foundation is run by unpaid volunteers. The core team, which includes the Board of Directors, does most cross-cutting work. All other work is done by individual committees, have a look at the projects page to learn more about those.

The FOSSi Foundation is an independent not-for-profit

The FOSSi Foundation is registered in the UK as a not-for-profit, asset-locked community interest company (C.I.C.). This robust setup ensures that the foundation is formed of and controlled by the community. The FOSSi Foundation does not have shareholders but is limited by guarantee of the founding members. All members of FOSSi Foundation elect and control the board of directors.

The full Articles of Association are available at UK's Companies House.